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Club 2014 – 2016

President:  Marie Stewart
Treasurer:   Adriana Hewett
Secretary:   Debbie Lee

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Zonta Club of Redcliffe Area Inc.

Zonta Club of
Redcliffe Area Inc.

Side By Side

How it Started

In February, 2009, then Redcliffe Zonta Member, Jayne Coe, was speaking to her Oncologist, Dr Boris Chern, at Redcliffe Hospital. When her consultation finished, she asked if the chemotherapy unit required any equipment as Redcliffe Zonta had funds available.

Dr Chern requested a documentary to assist newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. He recommended the Brisbane film company, “Flickchicks”.

Mandy Lake, a director of Flickchicks, often accompanied her mother, who was going through breast cancer treatment at the time, to appointments.

Jayne Coe put forward a proposal to the club, it was deemed a worthwhile project and 18 months later the documentary was born.

What started off as a casual conversation between a Redcliffe Hospital oncologist and his patient has since grown into a ground-breaking documentary and a new national breast cancer support campaign.

The 40-minute film called Side by Side was launched at the Redcliffe Cultural Centre on Friday 28 October 2011 as part of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Side by Side’s narrator, Jayne Coe, (who also happens to be the aforementioned ‘patient’) said the film would be eventually distributed nationally to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.

“Unfortunately, the potential audience for this film is very high: an estimated one in nine Australian women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime,” Jayne said.

She said Side by Side was a much-needed resource and unlike any other film in the country.

“Side by Side differs in that it comprehensively covers all stages of the breast cancer journey and doesn’t just focus on one aspect of treatment,” Jayne said.

“Often when someone is diagnosed with breast cancer, everything happens so quickly they don’t have time to catch their breath, and they rarely know what’s going to happen to them or where to get support. This film is a roadmap to that support.

“It provides a very non-clinical, guided tour of the host of services, resources and people that are out there to help support the patient along their individual breast cancer journey.

“And it’s a journey that certainly should not be travelled alone. There are plenty of people who can be by your side.”

Side by Side also aims to help take the fear factor out of some of the medical stages of the journey.

“It’s important that people know what they’re going into, to demystify it and take the scare factor out of things,” Jayne said.

“If people know what to expect, then they know not to expect the worst. This film will certainly help make people feel less anxious and sends a very powerful message of hope.”

We hope that Zonta Clubs will take up the project through their Service funding and purchase a supply to then distribute Free to their hospitals, Allied Health Professionals and patients and families in their areas.

Through the help of not only Zonta Clubs but other Service Organisations throughout Australia, we can offer this true life DVD support to as many Cancer patients and families as possible.

Please contact the Club
by Phone 0457 426 806.
or email info@zontaredcliffe.org.au

for further information.

Or  download  ORDER FORM FOR SUPPLY OF DVD  here and
email or post to PO Box, 131, Margate, Qld 4019

This Service project has been designed for not only local Clubs but for all clubs nationally to be able to offer this DVD to patients in their areas, through hospitals, cancer support agencies and Allied Health professionals.

Clubs may purchase these through their service project funding by contacting Zonta Club of Redcliffe who will forward a supply as required on request.

Side By Side

For more information on our breast cancer film and our further resources.

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