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Club 2018 – 2020

President:   Gail Symons
Treasurer:   Sammy Hunt
Secretaries:   Debbie Lee & Sue Marshall

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Phone 0422 932 337

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Zonta Club of
Redcliffe Inc.

Events & Fund Raising

Fund Raising Projects

To enable Zonta Club to service their Projects throughout the year, we need to fund raise from various sources and rely on our Community to assist in this area.

Some of the fund raising events that assist the Club are

Redcliffe Dolphins Bingo

Members service the Bingo each Saturday afternoon at the Redcliffe Leagues Club for a couple of hours and also conduct a weekly raffle and from this, receive monthly contribution towards our Fund raising ventures.

Bunning’s BBQ’s

These are another valuable source of funds. These are held when availability comes our way, from monthly to quarterly. These days are offered to the Club by Bunning’s and members work the day cooking the BBQ. These are also a good social event for the Club Members.

Fashion Parades

One of our Main Events for the year is our International Women’s Day Fashion Parade and High Tea.
This is held on the Sunday closest to the 8th March each year, which is International Women’s Day throughout the World.

International Women’s Day & Zonta Rose Day 8 March

Zontians around the world have a very special reason to celebrate. Our efforts have made and continue to make a difference in the lives of women everywhere. 8 March is a day to reflect on the achievements of the past year and prepare for the challenges ahead of us to advance the status of women worldwide.

The United Nations established International Women’s Day in 1977 to celebrate the rights of women and international peace. However, its history stretches back to the early 1900s, when women’s organizations used the day to rally support for their causes: from the universal suffrage movement to the protest of poor working conditions. Read more about the history of International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day is celebrated internationally on 8 March every year. Learn more about this year’s celebration at http://www.un.org/womenwatch/feature/iwd/index.html.

Today, Zonta clubs create annual events that:

  • Celebrate progress made and outline future steps to improve women’s equality;
  • Unite women’s organizations to encourage collaboration;
  • Generate contributions for the Zonta International Foundation Rose Fund;
  • Create visibility for the organization.

Suggested Activities:

  • Organize a work team and donate service hours to a local women’s shelter, crisis center, housing organization, etc.
  • Distribute yellow rose bookmarks. Create bookmarks with women’s rights statistics on one side and information about your Zonta club on the other. Pass them out in front of your public library on 8 March.
  • Plant a yellow rose bush in a public garden; wear a rose pin; or buy single yellow roses and hand them out to other women.
  • Serve as a mentor to underprivileged women and girls.
  • Encourage teachers to incorporate International Women’s Day into their curriculum this month. Review lesson plans and ideas from the UN.
  • Design a window display for a public library or building in your community. Raise awareness of women’s rights and of the work of your Zonta club.
  • Create yellow rose sales items to raise money for the Rose Fund.
  • Recognize local women for achievements in service and philanthropy: Nominate women in your community (outside of Zonta) who have made extraordinary contributions of time and/or money. As part of your criteria for nomination, focus on women who have helped advance the status of women. Create an event for the community to honor and celebrate these women. Invite other service clubs and prospective members to attend.
  • Host an art show celebrating the art of being a woman, through visual and performing arts. Invite women and men from around your area, including prospective members.
  • Write a personal note or letter to a woman who has inspired or mentored you. Thank her for being a role model.
  • Luncheon and Rose Auction: Past Foundation Director Amy Lai hosted a benefit luncheon for women leaders. Amy presented information about Zonta’s programs and club membership and auctioned stunning rose bouquets with the money raised benefiting the Rose Fund.
  • Host a Conference for Zontians and Other Women’s Organizations: By bringing various groups together, you will create a larger potential membership and donor pool, as well as increased visibility, credibility and media attention for your club.
  • Host an Educational Event or Tour: Inform your community and other women about the ongoing struggles for women’s rights, education, health and equality.
  • Participate in Events in Your Area: Lead or join existing rallies, marches, fairs, receptions, shows, films and debates in celebration of women’s achievements in equality.
  • Send out a news release about any activities your club has planned.
  • Get inspired: Explore events being planned around the world at the International Women’s Day Web site.

Other Events held over the past years comprise

  • Car Boot Sales
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Art Shows
  • Award Dinners

Improving Text

Improving the Status of Women Worldwide through Service and Advocacy

Meeting Text

Meeting on the 4th Monday of Each Month Seaspray Room Belvedere Hotel Woody Point

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